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 ​ of our ministry!
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     We have been on the road for 100 days as of this writing. We will home in two days. Our southern tour was a great one. We had the chance to see more than 20 soul trust Christ as Lord. God is good. We were in many, many new churches, RV parks and other venues. The vehicles ran well (so far!) and our health was good. We love what we do and stand amazed that God continues to bless us so much.

     Our schedule is booked and filling at an amazing rate! Never before have we been so far ahead. We have many dates booked each month all the way into December of 2015. If you wish a concert with us, call soon! We will find you
something. So thankful for so many open doors.

    We are going to start laying the music tracks for a new CD next week. We have selected 6-7 songs so far and let me say.....these are the best songs we have ever found! I love them! We are having to put a lot of thought and planning ​​​​​into the music end of it because of our live band we use on stage now. Tyler is an integral part of what we do and it is very exciting. It requires thoughtful planning into the recording procedure so that it can translate onto the stage. Look for a late summer release on this new recording.

   Please keep us in your prayers!


April 16, 2014